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Death Doula:

Lauren Hunter-Smith

End of life navigation, advocacy, and support


We plan our lives. We plan weddings, birthday parties, and graduations. We plan what we are going to wear to work, eat for dinner, and where our children will go to school.  We all plan for our future, yet few of us plan for our end. We have the opportunity to do so much better for ourselves and our loved ones if we just take a moment to talk about death and plan for our own. This opportunity is why Lauren became a death doula; a guide, caretaker, and advocate for the dying and their loved ones.

Lauren Hunter-Smith is the owner of Bluegrass Death Doula. She is a Lexington, KY native who studied painting and biology at the University of Kentucky before serving in the US Peace Corps. Lauren has always been interested in death work, volunteering with hospice and other organizations who deal with end-of-life care. She began to pursue death work professionally following her National End of Life Doula Alliance certification as a death doula in 2021. In addition to being a death doula Lauren is also a certified celebrant, home funeral guide, aromatherapist, sound therapist, meditation guide, and green burial guide.  She currently serves as an advisor for Windy Knoll Memorial Sanctuary, in Lawrenceburg, KY.

Bluegrass Death Doula is Lauren's first step towards opening a death care nonprofit. For more information about the services currently offered by Bluegrass Death Doula click here.

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Bluegrass Death Doula

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